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We Have Your Business Covered | SERVPRO of Seattle Northeast

12/22/2023 (Permalink)

Flooded warehouse with cardboard boxes floating on water due to flooding SERVPRO of Seattle Northeast is here for your commercial restoration needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

We know that the Seattle area wouldn’t be half as great without all of the wonderful and eclectic businesses that make up a large portion of our community. The coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores and entertainment opportunities are endless, and we have amazing business owners like you to thank for that!

While we are grateful for your hard work and dedication to our community, we fully understand that being a business owner definitely extends the simple 9-5 lifestyle. All of that work can sometimes get overwhelming, which is where we come in.

SERVPRO of Seattle Northeast proudly offers our restoration and cleaning services to all of the businesses and commercial property owners in the area, including yours.

Recovering After Disaster

We are most well-known for our disaster recovery services, which is definitely a benefit for you when a natural disaster occurs or a storm rocks your business and causes serious damage. Our crew can be out on your property right away to get started on your restoration and we won’t stop until you are 100% satisfied with the final product.

We can also help you recover from manmade disasters. Breakroom fires, water leaks caused by clogged water lines or even a simple flooded warehouse due to a faucet being left on can all have serious impacts on your business if you aren’t quick to recover.

Did you know that up to 40% of businesses do not reopen after suffering certain disasters? That’s a lot of failed businesses that didn’t have to fail completely! Call us right away so we can create your recovery plan and get you back on track in no time at all.

Keeping Your Property Clean

While we all love and rely on our janitorial staff to keep our businesses clean on a daily basis, there often comes a time when a cleaning need goes beyond their scope of practice.

If your carpets need to be cleaned or your HVAC vents need a thorough scrubbing, you certainly shouldn’t have to spend your “off time” doing these tasks! We are also a full-service cleaning company that can handle any and all of your niche cleaning needs.

We have staff that can deep-clean your carpets, clean dirty upholstery and drapes and even tackle routine air duct cleanings. We are here to make sure your business sparkles and shines from top to bottom.

Tackling the More Sensitive Situations

As a responsible business owner, you probably have plans in place for more predictable situations like water leaks, fires or floods. However, you probably don’t have a plan for every possible disaster scenario. So when your business becomes the unfortunate scene of a crime, an employee suffers a serious injury or a sewage leak pops up unexpectedly, it might be overwhelming to figure out what to do first.

Situations like these should always be handled by professionals because biohazard substances can be dangerous or even deadly if they are mishandled. Blood and other bodily fluid cleanup always necessitates proper PPE, so let our biohazard cleanup crew handle your unexpected situations.

SERVPRO of Seattle Northeast is here for you no matter if a serious disaster strikes your business or if you need help with a major cleanup. Our crew will work hard to minimize disruption and help you make a full recovery day or night.

We are here to help you run a successful business! Call SERVPRO of Seattle Northeast for immediate commercial restoration assistance.

Our Commercial Services

1/23/2023 (Permalink)

commercial industrial facility We serve industrial and commercial facilities!

If you're a business or property manager, you may be wondering what services we provide for non-residential customers. We are proud to offer the following:

Large Loss

Disaster can strike at any time. In the Pacific Northwest, floods, mudslides, and other rain related events take place frequently. We know how inconvenient these can be for businesses and commercial properties, so we are ready at a moment's notice to help you with a water, storm, or fire related loss to get you, your employees, and your business back on track.

General + Specialty Cleaning

Commercial properties and businesses can find general cleaning services with us. Carpet and upholstery cleaning are among the many general cleaning services we offer.

We also offer cleaning services for traumatizing events as well, including crime scene, biohazard, and beyond. All parties involved will be treated with the highest level of respect and sensitivity.

Emergency Ready Plan (ERP)

We can also help you make a plan for disasters of any type. That way, you and your employees have a plan and procedure in place for when the worst case scenario happens.

Want to know more about the commercial services we offer? Visit our main website.

We Can Save Your Seattle Property

8/28/2022 (Permalink)

crime scene tape Our certified technicians are available to help 24/7. Contact us for quick remediation and mitigation services in your business setting.

Cleaning Up Traumas in Seattle Properties

Traumas can take an emotional toll on the occupants of a Seattle property, and a physical one on the structure itself. Our team of highly trained specialists can work around the clock to put a tragedy or trauma behind you in the physical sense for your property so that emotional healing can begin. Because of our experience with biohazard cleaning, we have the right equipment, tools, products, and personnel to make a difference quickly for your property. 

Because of the sensitive nature of many biohazard cleanup needs in Seattle, our team of SERVPRO® professionals stays ready to mobilize 24/7, much like the other divisions of our restoration troop. Our biohazard recovery professionals are among the most highly accredited and educated in our brand, as they require multiple layers of certifications through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Substance cleaning often falls to the potent line of disinfection and antibacterial cleaning agents available in our line of OSHA-approved products. We can pre-test the effects of these strong chlorine-based or quaternary compounds before applying them everywhere in the affected rooms of the property. For those more sensitive to the often harsh smells of industrial-grade cleaning products that we use, we also have a line of botanical-based options that have a kinder smell without compromising much of the potency and strength.

Traumas can be a challenge to clean and restore for many reasons, and many times our SERVPRO team must work around active investigations from the local law enforcement to begin cleaning the damage. We can use controlled demolition techniques on damaged construction materials when necessary and prepare the area for the full-scale restoration efforts to come once the investigation has concluded.

We know that traumas that occur in your property can be devastating for those involved, and that is why you can expect empathy and compassion from our experienced SERVPRO professionals. We have powerful equipment and products that can make the physical symptoms of a tragedy “Like it never even happened.” Give our crew a call whenever you need us at (206) 362-9295.

Seattle Office Building, Water Removal, and Drying, SERVPRO at Your Speedy Service!

4/11/2022 (Permalink)

window with condensation SERVPRO Follows Psycromatic Science to Dry Out Commercial Facilities in Seattle.

Discussing the Use of Dehumidifiers to Respond to Commercial Water Damage in Seattle

When professional crews plan the recovery phases for a significant commercial water loss in Seattle, they rely heavily on the action of dehumidification equipment, especially after pumps and extractors suction up and contain the bulk of liquid water. In general, dehumidifiers lower the relative humidity in an area by removing water vapor from the air. Three main types of dehumidifiers have roles in professional commercial water removal. We choose among the options, sometimes changing the dehumidifier type as conditions evolve.

Refrigerant Dehumidifiers

The most used dehumidifier type used to respond to Seattle commercial water damage works by condensing moisture. Condensation occurs after moist air moves across a cold evaporator coil 20 to 30 degrees below the dewpoint in the affected area. The vapor in the air condenses into water droplets and is then collected for disposal. An adjacent warmer coil then increases the temperature of the dryer air. Then a fan exhausts the warmer, drier air back into your business space. Refrigerant dehumidifiers can reduce humidity to approximately 40 grains per pound (GPP). GPP expresses the weight of water in a given weight of air, here a pound of dry air.

Low Grain Refrigerants (LGR)

SERVPRO® might turn to a humidifier that can reduce relative humidity levels even further in some cases. An LGR dehumidifier cools the air pulled through before exposure to the evaporator coil, permitting moisture measurements to dip below 40 GPP. An LGR provides the most energy-efficient dehumidification. This device is considered a workhorse.

Desiccant Dehumidifiers

SERVPRO’s desiccant dehumidifiers work differently. Moist air entering the process air inlet passes through a silica gel-filled rotor. The gel attracts water, capturing water from the air. Three-quarters of the air pulled through the desiccant dehumidifier exhausts out as warm, dry conditioned air. The dehumidifier heats the remaining quarter of the air to a higher temperature. It is rerouted to the rotor to pick up water vapor to prevent the rotor from saturation. This “reactivated” air pumps out of the dehumidifier, along with the moisture.

Conditions Determine Which Dehumidifier to Use

When the temperatures in your commercial building range between 50 and 95 degrees, SERVPRO most likely will recommend LGR or regular refrigeration dehumidification. If you have unheated spaces, the temperature can dip in our region to less than 50 degrees during the winter. A desiccant dehumidifier continues to remove moisture under those conditions. If structural materials like hardwood flooring are still wet after porous items like drywall or carpeting are dry, desiccant dehumidifiers offer appropriate drying action. They also help out in confined spaces common in commercial buildings.

Rely on SERVPRO of Seattle Northeast to select the most efficient dehumidification equipment after water damage to your business. Call us for a consultation at (206) 362-9295.